Hybrid & On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Effective Hybrid & On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure Solutions


In this world of digitalisation, a single integration platform is not enough at all. So, the hybrid cloud platform makes it easy to integrate various features offering flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.
It gives you a chance to give a convincing client encounter by associating anything, anyone, and anywhere from centre on-premises frameworks the distance to edge IoT devices.
We at TechOrion offer all the key segments for hybrid integration, concentrating on particular utilise cases and deployment options that are profoundly integrated to cooperate to reduce complexity and endeavours across teams.
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TechOrion is a renowned company known for delivering exceptional Cloud infrastructure solutions for private cloud, hybrid cloud, and high performance cloud.

Our services include:

Cloud Assessment Services

Our Cloud assessment and strategy services let you know the improvement areas and the process to optimise the Public Cloud or Build On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure by using technologies like Openstack, Docker, and Kubernetes.


Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

TechOrion provides you with continuous Cloud monitoring solutions such as infrastructure, processes, applications and Hosts monitoring and alerting solutions to deliver predictive trends using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for analysis.


Cloud Storage Solutions For Enterprise

Being a leading IT company in India, we provide advanced Cloud Storage Solutions to create an automated backup for your applications with the infrastructure of your choice using superior technologies.


DevOps Strategy and Assessment

– TechOrion Cloud Storage Solution gives Block and Object storage solution utilising SWIFT and CepH stockpiling coordinated with Amazon S3 Storage. We also provide backup services for your application with your Infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Data Driven Enterprise

We transform your enterprise to make it data driven with our hybrid and On Premises Cloud Infrastructure solutions.


Use Cases for Cloud Computing

Connect with us for assessment and consultation regarding the IT Infrastructure for your enterprise.